Our mission is to become an invaluable part of our client’s cathodic protection/integrity programs by providing the highest quality, their targeted goals as it relates to the protection of their assets.


Our vision is to become the premier provider of cathodic protection services in the United States.


Highridge was founded in 2011 by Trey Gregory. Trey started Highridge in response to a need for CP Technicians in the mid-stream oil and gas sector and quickly identified a tremendous need for customer service in the industry.  Highridge quickly expanded into inspection services, and subsequently into survey and construction services.  Each of these disciplines within Highridge have been built on two primary areas of focus: customer service and employee support. Customer service truly drives our business but we never lose sight of the fact that customer service is delivered by our employees and they cannot do that without regular, proper support.  These two areas of continual focus have resulted in Highridge becoming one of the largest and fastest growing  corrosion/cathodic protection contractors.

HR Timeline


  • Highridge Consulting Services founded by Trey Gregory, President 
  • Started Corrosion Technician Division
  • 1 total customer
  • 3 total employees


  • Started inspection/Project Manager Division 


  • 2 total customers
  • 5 total employees


  • Started Survey Division, added Close Interval Survey services.
  • 13 total employees
  • Levi Lee joins HRC  


  • 3 total customers
  • Added ACVG/PCM and DCVG services to the Survey Division 
  • Added pipeline construction services to Corrosion Technician division. 


  • 5 total customers 
  • 27 total employees
  • Added ECDA Program to the Survey Division 


  • 7 total customers
  • 34 total employees, 5 survey crews
  • Created DBA Highridge Corrosion Services 


  • 17 total customers 
  • 54 total employees
  • Trey Gregory promoted to CEO
  • Levi Lee promoted to President
  • Mitch Greogry hired as CFO/CIO
  • Jason Schmitz joins HRC, GIS Subject Matter Expert
  • Started CP Construction division, finished first AC Mitigation installation and test station install projects
  • Started Coating Division, added Coating Subject Matter Expert


  • 23 total customers 
  • 77 total employees, 10 survey crews
  • Added ROW Assessment Mapping Program (RAMP), very detailed depth of cover to survey division. 
  • Milton Hardin joins HRC 


  • 34 total customers
  • 80 total employees, 12 survey crews.
  • Added Corrosion Engineering and CP Design to services.
  • HRC started in-house technology development.
  • HRC standardizes documentation supporting procedures and performance standards to facilitate implementation of a multi-faceted technology initiative.


  • 51 total clients
  • 88 total employees, 13 survey crews
  • Jason Schmitz promoted to Vice President of Operations


  • 61 total clients 
  • 109 total employees, 16 survey crews
  • Adam Johnston joins HRC, Director of Technical Services
  • Added AC Interference Mitigation Design to services