Through our many different service offerings, Highridge is able to provide for any of your corrosion needs, large or small. Our teams operate throughout the continental U.S.

CP Technicians

  • Test Point Survey & Annual Survey
  • AC/DC Interference Investigation & Mitigation
  • Installations: Test Stations, Junction Boxes, Remote Monitoring Units
  • Bonds, Corrosion Rate Monitors
  • Rectifier Repair & Maintenance
  • Atmospheric Inspection
  • Shorted Casting Test
  • Ground Resistivity Measurements
  • Ground Rod Inspection & Install (per NEC Code), Including Rectifiers

Inspection services


  • ECDA (External Corrosion Direct Assessment
  • CIS (Close Interval Survey)
  • PCM (Pipeline Current Mapper)
  • ACVG (Alternating Current Voltage Gradient)
  • DCVG (Direct Current Voltage Gradient)
  • DOC (Depth of Cover)
  • RAMP (Right-of-Way Assessment Mapping Project)
  • Atmospheric Inspection and Mapping Services
  • Geohazard Assessment Surveys
  • Annual Test Point Surveys
  • Bi-Monthly Rectifier Inspections


engineering services

  • AC Interference Troubleshooting & Design
  • Underground Storage Tanks
  • Above Ground Storage Tanks
  • Impressed Cathodic Protection Systems
  • Galvanic Cathodic Protection Systems
  • Current Requirements for Protection
  • Soil Resistivity
  • Geometry of Structure
  • Anode Service Life
  • Shorted Casing Evaluation

coating solutions

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